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My Name is Maqsoom and I am a developer.I am working on my Game name Likerfield.


Likerfield Beta 2[News]Part 1


Guys! I have Already said that when i got 150+ rates then i will release Beta 3.So support me As Fast As Soon!

New Gun Coming:- "Patriot"


Likerfield Beta 2[Released]

Watch the Video full!


Likerfield Communication Links:-

Facebook Page Link:-


Youtube Channel Link:-



Features of The Game:-

1st:- Low Poly Game

2nd:- Maps

3rd:- MainMenu

4th:- Scoreboard

5th:- Types of Zombies

6th:- Shop for equiping Guns.

7th:- SplashImage

8th:- Options Menu

9th:- Many Guns e.g Ak47,Scar,Sniper,Awp,M4A1,Thompson,Mp5 or much more coming soon

10:- PauseMenu

11:- Reloading Animation and Idle Animation

12:- MapLoader(In Dropdown Values)



Hi! When I Get 100+ rates of my game then i will released Beta 3 :)

Beta Version 2 Released:-


  • Added itch.io Icon(when you click you will come to this website directly)
  • Added Scoreboard Dropdown in Options
  • Added Reticle
  • Added Hitmarkers
  • Added Reticle Enable or Disable Dropdown in Options
  • Added Ton of Guns(ACR, Barret Sawn off shotgun and much more)
  • Added slow motion
  • Hud UI Changed
  • Now health will display in the form of Text.
  • Added Highscore(Saving Data)
  • Snow Particles Added
  • Gun Muzzleflash Changed
  • Sounds Changed(Guns)
  • Reset Button added in scoreboard to reset the highscore
  • New Button Added In Main Menu (" Changelog ")
  • Ammo Full Banner Added


The Beta 2 Version is based on Guns.

and Fixing the Bugs.

Bugs Fixed:-

  • Reloading Bug(The Gun will reload after 3s)
  • Reloading on 30 ammo(full ammo)
  • ACR gun do not reloading

Bugs Not Fixed:-

  • The gun will shooting when the back button used in Shop!

Soon i will fix it(In Beta 3)


A new Supporter addition of Likerfield is Coming!



Likerfield is a Single player Low Poly style game. It started out as an experiment with AI, and will remain a slightly experimental, for-fun game project.


FAQ :-

  • Multiplayer? - No, Likerfield is designed to be an easy to access and fun singleplayer game.
  • Steam Release Date? - Not Decided.
  • Price? - Free.
  • Weapon attachments? - Yes , and each weapon have its own particular characteristic. (Coming Soon When Release on Steam)
  • More Maps? - Yes!
  • Can I make videos of Likerfield? - Yes, you may also monetize them.
  • Team size? - Only 1 person, Maqsoom(Looking for More)
  • Looking for help? - Yes!
  • Engine and tools? - Likerfield is built in Unity using C#. I use Blender, Photoshop. Started working in the winter of 2016, currently working full-time since November.


  • WASD + Mouse
  • LMB(Left Mouse Button) For Fire
  • RMB(Right Mouse Button) For Aim Down Seights
  • B to open Shop
  • I for Cursor(hide or unhide)
  • Shift for Running
  • Escape for Pause Menu
  • Tab for Scoreboard



1st:- Mouse Pointer(cursor)

You just guys found a bug in shop of mouse pointer(cursor).

You Can Hide or Unhide just Press I button,

Note:- I Sure you not find anymore bug in the game.If u find then you can call me so i fix it as fast as soon.


Issues for you Game:-

You can easily ask to me for any kind of help feel free to ask me.



Open your Likerfield.zip file and drag the Likerfield folder to somewhere on your computer. Now open your new Likerfield folder and start the game.

For people getting the "There should be 'Likerfield_Data' folder next to the executable" error on windows: Make sure you extract the game by dragging the Likerfield folder from the Likerfield.zip file to somewhere on your computer. Now open your NEW Likerfield and start the .exe file.


Hope You Like This Game!

Thanks for Viewing and Downloading for the Game.

More information

Published23 days ago
StatusIn development
Tags32bit, 3D, 8-bit, Action RPG, First-Person, low-poly, Shooter, shooting-game
Average sessionAbout a half-hour


Likerfield Beta 2.rar (23 MB)

Development log


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Although this might be based on Cod zombies more then battlefield *like ravenfield* this is still looking like a copy of ravenfield, eventually I wish this to be very different.

Thanks! For the Feedback! If u have any Issue you can call me!

If u want to work with me ? massage to me


Maqsoom(Developer of Likerfield)

Since you sound like a very young dude, I'm suprised you made this.


It would be much appreciated to change the file to a .exe because I cant figure out how to properly open a .rar file, some help would be appreciated


Follow the following steps:-

1st:- Download the Game

2nd:- Go the folder where you download it

3rd:- Find Likerfield.rar File

4th:- After finding click Likerfield.rar

5th:- Open it!

6th:- After Opening in the Top you can see Add, Extract to and ......

7th:- Click extract to

8th:- After Clicking a dialog box is opened

9th:- At the top you can see ok button(Click it)

10th:- After clicking the Ok Button game is completely uncompress

11th:- Find the path where you place

12th:- Click Likerfield folder and run Likerfield.exe

13th:- Done! Play the Game and Fun!


Maqsoom(Developer of Likerfield)

dude this is a bad version of ravenfeild!!!!!!!!

Hi Bro! Thanks! For the Feedback!

The first thing is that the game is not based on battlefield! because i am not a expert in unity but if u are So you can work with me on AI(Artificial Intelligence)


Maqsoom(Developer of Likerfield)

bro add more things in it

nice game and fantastic to play




nice ezfps game

Hi Bro! Thanks! But the Game is not Based on ezfps!


Nice Game and It is beating ravenfield! Make more Updates and beta 2 is really fun to play.




dont be silly, beat ravenfield no, but is on a good way to be maybe in future when he tryng to be supported on steam, a good probability is awaken


You are Right But I am not an expert. So If u are you can work with me!


Maqsoom(Developer of Likerfield)

im good whit the ideas but im dont good to do a game


i haven't played the game but it definitely has the potential to compete against Ravenfield. Maybe you should add some recoil, improved walking, a nicer user interface or heads up display. And when you choose the guns make sure that you don't shoot when you click the back button, but I can really see myself enjoying this game!

(Edited 1 time) (-1)

Thanks! Bro I definitely add some recoil or nice user interface.

or I fix small Bug Which u have said(When you choose the guns make sure that you don't shoot when you click the back button)

Secret For you bro(In Beta 2 Hitmarkers Also available with crosshair and News panel which ravenfield )

or any question ask to me and tell me about bugs


Maqsoom(Developer of Likerfield)


is like ravenfield but beter (only becouse the beta 6 of ravenfield isnt here) but add more guns, vehicles,bots like battlefield and the game is complete!

(Edited 1 time) (-1)

Hi Bro! Thanks for Rating! By the way thanks for rating! Give more ideas! If u want to work with me massage private!

I try my Best!


Maqsoom(Developer of Likerfield)

can you make a bots not zombie survival wave like battlefield red vs blue like that it will amazing love that not zombie survival wave

(Edited 1 time)

Hi Bro! Thanks for Rating! By the way thanks for rating! Give more ideas! If u want to work with me massage private!


Maqsoom(Developer of Likerfield)