Custom Maps(How to create)

This devlog show how we can create custom maps.

1. Download the"MilitiaStrikeCustomMapsTools" and Extract it.

2. Open it in Unity and make sure that you have read the license file

3. On the top click on the Militia Strike , then the editor will open.

4. In any Map make sure you are using the camera which is in prefabs folder , use this because this is the duplicate of camera which is in game , so its not causes the size problems.

5. Don,t change the names of spawn points in any map , if u change then the player and enemy will not spawn.

6. Create Event System for Shop UI , if u not make then you cannot press the shop buttons.


7. Make 2D Box colliders shown like in the following screenshot(Must)

8. Now open the Militia Strike Editor from the top.

9. Now drag the spawnPoint_Allied to the AllySpawn and spawnPoint_Enemy to the Enemy Spawn.  If you have created the event system then not press "Create EventSystem"

10. Create Item Pickup as your own wish.

11. Select Map Image.

12. Export Map

13. Export the map in the "Maps" Folder present in the Project Files.(Dont export the map in the Assets) as Unity dont read these files.

15. You can delete files as shown in the up screenshot , these files are generated from the name of the folder and one file is original which you have named in the editor of Militia Strike.

16. Now copy the map and paste it into the "Maps" folder of the Militia Strike.

Important Note :-

Make sure that the files of the scene(Map) are not same. e.g sprites and names

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